The Story

Co-founded by Matthew Hollis and Jena Ertel, POMSQUAD Fitness™ (formerly Cheerobix™) has drawn dance-lovers, pom enthusiasts and anyone looking to be his or her own best cheerleader since 2011. Matthew and Jena have been fitness professionals for over a decade. In 2007, Matthew created the Power of Cheer, a group that grew steadily in popularity with every performance. Full-scale pom routines and original cheers followed for the Windy City Rollers halftime shows, as well as several Chicago Gay Pride Parade appearances. Rehearsing for these shows was so physically demanding, it made for a super-fun, cardio-tastic form of group fitness. In the summer of 2010, Matthew led a series of large-scale Cheerobix classes in Millennium Park for the City of Chicago. 

While showing off some rad moves in an empty beer garden one night, Matthew and Jena decided to take this idea to the next level. They refined their process and developed classes, slowly building a sweet squad along the way.

They focused the POMSQUAD format with a codified system utilizing varied fitness techniques including high intensity cardiovascular activity, strength, plyometrics, balance and agility training (plus an ample amount of booty shaking).  The unique Captain Certification Program trains instructors who must be certified in Group Exercise and CPR. After years of growth, these two adult cheerleader performance weirdos’ dream of kicklines and pom poms for the masses continues.  


Mattrick Swayze (a.k.a. Matthew Hollis) is a fitness and dance professional with 20 years of performing and teaching experience.  Dance is where Mattrick started his fitness journey and as a performer/choreographer he has danced and presented his work throughout the United States and internationally.   As an NPTI certified personal trainer Mattrick has helped many people integrate positive and useful lifestyle changes.  Believing in well-rounded fitness behaviors Mattrick sees the values in exercise programs that stress strength, stability, stamina, and overall well-being. 

The Jenarator (a.k.a. Jena Asta Ertel) waited her whole life to unleash the sideline girl in her heart, and developing and teaching POMSQUAD is a dream come true!  Her teaching journey began straight out of college after completing her BA in Dance from Columbia College Chicago.  Along the way, Jena also picked up a K-12 Dance Education Certification from UWM, 200 hour teacher training from Tejas Yoga Chicago, AFAA Group Ex cert, various fitness certifications [shout out Yoga Booty Ballet!] and is also a dedicated instructor and obsessed practitioner of The Dailey Method.