Meet Your Captains

So You Want to Become a Captain. 

What will you learn?

First, you'll get an hour-long Master Class with one of our Head Coaches (Master Teachers). Then the training begins!

You'll learn:

  • The POMSQUAD Mission

  • POMSQUAD Class Structure

  • Cueing with Excellence

  • Breaking Down Music

  • Elements of Fitness

  • Gathering your Squad

  • Building your Business

  • How to "Spread the Gospel"

  • Post-Training Resources


What will you need to become a certified Captain?

  • Experience teaching movement

  • Certification in Group Exercise/Personal Training/Yoga/Dance

  • CPR Certification

  • 30+ hours of dance fitness classes [teaching and/or taking]

  • A desire to deepen your knowledge of the POMSQUAD mission

  • A positive, welcoming spirit!

Can I take the training AND THEN get certified in Group Ex?

Totally! If it takes longer than 6 months to complete your eligibility, you'll just need to come take the next training (at a discounted rate) to re-up your education.


Will I be a Captain as soon as training is over?

The short answer is no, but you WILL BE a JUNIOR CAPTAIN! 

What we provide is a thoughtful, thorough, superfun training.  Once you have completed your training, you are a Junior Captain. You may already have all the requirements under your belt, but maybe need a little more practice with our style of cueing.  Or maybe you've been teaching yoga, but are new to dance fitness and need time to put your hours in... Whatever your unique situation is, we will communicate with you by email or in person as to what you will need to do to become a Certified Captain once the training is complete.  Here are some of the teaching requirements:

  • Cueing with confidence and excellence

  • Clarity of movement and rhythm

  • Fullness of movement

  • Ability to improvise and multi task

  • Ability to learn videotaped routines

  • Physical Endurance

  • Is an Ambassador of the POMSQUAD Mission

  • POMSQUAD Captain Membership


What is the POMSQUAD Captain Membership?

This keeps you certified as a Captain and provides you with the existing library of POMSQUAD routines, as well as a constant flow of new material. You will get a Vimeo account that will give you access to these routines and updates as to when they are uploaded.  The cost is only $30 per quarter or $99 for the year.


Oh no! I'm not certified in anything but I love POMSQUAD and want to take the training, can I do that?

Sure! We love spreading the mission to all our squadmates and if you want more knowledge of the POMSQUAD mission and spend a day seeing for yourself what goes into being a Captain, we'd love to have you!


What if I have more questions?

No problem! Please ask! Email us at